Vice Principal's Message

"this gray spirit yearing in desire To follow knowldge like a sinking star Beyond the utmost bound of human thought"
Inspirational words of a Classis Voyager ! Significantaly, these words might as well describe the spirit of the man who was one of the initiating forces of "Voyage," - our school magazine. Mr. Mihir Mukharjee, the parent figure to the voyagers passed away on December 27, 2017. To depart is a way of nature but to depart with the satisafction that one's legacy is in right hands is a blessing. And he left with this blessing. The landmarks reached by the institution, the laurels that the voyagers brought back home and the far spread reputaion of Central Modern School bear witness to this fact. The time - span of this success story is short, the achivements great and it is all becuase we "strive" continuously, "seek" meticulously and "find" juduciously what is best for our children and never "yield" to any deterrent forces. There can be no better wealth to leave a child with than his own character that is strong, intentions that are benevolent and ambitions that are inspirational. These qualities develop best in a child when there is interaction with parents, teachers, guardians beyond the scope of studies. It may be difficult for every child to emulate a legendary or a national hero but it is always gratifying to try and be like one's own father or mother. So, dear parents, spend time with your child talking about simple, day to day things and share the pride and joy of seeing them mature to the best of their ability. Good wishes to all.

Sangeeta Basu
Vice Principal